It’s AMAZING what baking can do.

Sugar, butter, flour, eggs, hemp bake mix. The perfect combination. Here at Hemp Bakers we’re providing you with the sweetest CBD edibles. But maybe it’s time you make them yourself! Whether you’re a professional or a first-time baker. Hemp Bake mix is easy to use and won’t affect the taste, smell or composition of your favorite baked goods! Need some inspiration for what to make first? Look no further…

  1. Breads!

We all went through the banana bread phase at the beginning of 2020 but how much sweeter would it be if our favorite banana bread had a CBD bonus! Sounds pretty sweet. Not a fan of banana bread? Try it’s cousin, Zucchini bread! It’s just as moist without the punch of sweetness. If you’re feeling fall-festive than pumpkin bread may be your star bread to make! Whichever you decide it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser with Hemp Bake Mix.

  1. Cookies!

While chocolate chip is the obvious first choice the cookie options are truly endless with Hemp Bake Mix. Whether it be a classic snickerdoodle or a new favorite, cake box cookies. Any cookie can be the host of the Hemp Bake Mix with no problem!

  1. Cakes!

Birthday cake, coffee cake, wedding cake! Any cake your thinking of can be made into a CBD cake with Hemp Bake Mix. But for these cakes you don’t even need an occasion! Whether you’re a boxed cake mix kind of baker or a full blow from-scratch only kind of baker you can add hemp bake mix to whatever your cake-loving heart desires! Just don’t forget the frosting!

  1. Savory!

If you don’t have sweet tooth but still want to try out the Hemp Bake Mix don’t worry! Hemp Bake Mix can also be added to savory breads, pizza dough, and biscuits. Anything you’re baking surely is missing the secret ingredient of Hemp Bake Mix whether it’s savory or sweet.

What are you waiting for? Add some Hemp Bake Mix to your life and enjoy all the benefits of the CBD in your favorite treat! Hemp Bake Mix won’t affect the taste, smell or composition of your favorite bakery treats. The only thing you’ll notice is how good you feel afterward!


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