We often get asked questions like,

“Can I eat this before bed?”

“Can I have a Hemp Bakers brownie for breakfast?”

“Will this make me tired at work?”

With CBD being everywhere right now, it’s hard to determine when you should be taking your CBD! With so many products available, that all work differently, it’s hard to figure out whether you would benefit more from taking CBD in the morning or if you’re more of a CBD at night person. We’ve broken down how to determine what time you should be enjoying a Hemp Bakers treat.


Some people are morning people and that’s great! If you’re a morning person and love your cup of coffee to get you going, try adding a Hemp Bakers brownie or cookie to the mix and going from there! Some people find that CBD can offset the jitters and increase the focus that comes from the caffeine boost. If you try taking CBD in the morning and find that it leaves you too energetic then maybe a better time to take it would be in the mid-afternoon once your coffee kick has worn off.


If you are feeling sluggish mid-day then maybe CBD is the pick-me-up you’ve been looking for! Some people take CBD and find themselves feeling focused and energetic. This means a Hemp Bakers treat may be that quick chocolate bite you need mid-day to keep going and to stay productive. If you take your Hemp Bakers treat mid-day and feel like the only thing you want to do is nap then maybe you’re better off trying your Hemp Bakers cookie or brownie in the evening before bed!


If you found yourself nodding off while hanging out on the couch after eating a Hemp Bakers treat than it may be time to start treating yourself to a late night snack! Try having your favorite Hemp Bakers sweet in the evening before bed and if you feel sleepy then you found your sweet spot. If you are all of the sudden bursting with energy then try switching to a different time to enjoy your Hemp Bakers goodie. There’s no wrong way to enjoy CBD, it’s just about finding what works best for you and your individual needs.

Sometimes people enjoy CBD in the morning and at night, if that is more your speed then lucky for you we have two different treats for you to enjoy!


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