What pairs well with Hemp Bakers?

We all know chocolate pairs with… well everything if you ask us! But there are some other great CBD combinations you should try, like coffee and CBD!

When you think of coffee, you think of mornings and waking up but sometimes our coffee can wake us up a little too much! A few of the most common side effects are anxiety and jitters. Drinking caffeine can definitely increase focus and energy but also no one wants to deal with the anxiety and jitters that accompany it. After all, coffee is one of the most popular stimulants on the market but when you want energy you want productive energy not anxious energy!

Now when you think about CBD you think about being calm and relaxed, the complete opposite feeling of coffee! Most people are taking their CBD at night to fall asleep but have you tried taking CBD with your morning coffee? To some this may seem counterproductive but it turns out that the duo make for a good team when it comes to jumpstarting your day! Taking CBD with your coffee can lead to a better boost than with coffee alone. The CBD can help keep the anxiety and jitters at bay while the stimulant of the coffee can give you the energy and focus you need.

So what about Hemp Bakers and Coffee?

Your morning routine just got sweeter! With 25 mg of CBD in each treat they’re the missing piece your cup of coffee has been missing! Not only will you get that boost you need from your coffee but your Hemp Bakers treats will make it that much sweeter!

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